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Path to Success gives priority for admission into the Primary to its own students, who have been educated in both French & English, as well as in strong pre-literacy and pre-numeracy, as part of its 4-year preschool programme. Preference is for children ready to start the school year in August.

Students from other schools can be admitted into the PTS Primary programme, provided their level of tested proficiency in the two languages is sufficient. Students requesting admission into the Primary are given an admission/placement test that seeks to establish their capacities in: 1. general oral communication; 2. Handling of French & English; 3. Reading & writing.

Based on the test results, parents are then advised of the class level the school will admit their child in. In case of insufficient proficiency in the tested areas, the child may be placed in a class lower than his/her entry level, to ensure the he/she be given the time to build the skills needed for his/her success.

In the event a student shows an inadequate level in either language, PTS offers an early Intervention Programme that the child will follow, for the time needed to reach the necessary level in either French or English, or both. An additional fee is charged for that programme.

Admission in the course of the academic year is also possible, in particular for children coming out of the Rwandan National Programme in late November/early December -- after the same proficiency assessments in both languages as described above - and at the discretion of the director/principal.


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